Festival Team

The following film lovers work hard each year to bring the best genre films to Saskatoon!

John Allison

Festival Director, Feature & Short Film Programmer

While film blogging on his own personal site, John attended Toronto After Dark, his first film festival in 2007. He met a bunch of cool film lovers, saw some good movies, and had a total blast. He knew that he wanted to bring the experience to Saskatoon and two years later on September 24, 2009, Dark Bridges Film Festival (later rebranded to Saskatoon Fantastic Film Festival) was born. While John really enjoys good horror movies he loves genre films that bring something new and different to the audience.

Steven Landry

Programming Director

Steven Landry was born of the woods and raised by three wise women. A film fanatic since his first theatrical screening of Benji, Steven has run the gamut behind the scenes, from shooting on 16mm, guarding Hollywood stars, tending bar at secret film societies, and portraying a Merman. Currently, he is a full-time employee of the Toronto International Film Festival and a film programmer for Ithaca Fantastik, Toronto After Dark, and the Toronto True Crime Film Festival. Steven enjoys bourbon, snow storms, and Kendrick Lamar, in no particular order.


Tyler Baptist

Feature Film Programmer

Tyler Baptist is a filmmaker, musician, and editor based in Saskatoon, SK. His film work has won international awards and accolades, and he's worked on everything from features, television series, short films, documentaries, music videos, and everything in between. A full-time editor by day and preservationist of cinema outside of that, Tyler also runs and co-founded cult film releasing and distribution company Videonomicon whom are dedicated to saving lost and forgotten movies from obscurity, serving as a programmer at the Saskatoon Fantastic Film Festival., as well as running a monthly midnight 35mm revival series for close to 10 years.

Jay Clarke

Short Film Programmer

Jay Clarke was born & raised in Oakville, Ontario and grew up loving film – blockbusters to bargain basement. He has written & directed several short films, some of which have acquired Canadian and worldwide distribution. In addition to SFFF, he also programs short films for Hamilton's Hexploitation Film Festival, the Toronto Smartphone Film Festival as well as Toronto's monthly short film showcase, Little Terrors. He is also the founder & curator of The Horror Section, a horror media blog and VHS archive.



Lisa Gallagher

Feature Film Programmer

Lisa is an avid cinephile and and uber-lovely person (Astron-6 said so!). She is the founder and festival director of Toronto True Crime Film Festival, and works as festival staff for Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival, Toronto After Dark Film Festival, and Blood In The Snow Canadian Film Festival. Previously, she spent three years as the producer and programmer of The MUFF Society, a feminist film screening series based in Toronto. She is a lover of carbs, laying down, and Wet Hot American Summer.

Andrew Mack

Feature Film Programmer

Andrew feels fortunate that he grew up in a cinema loving home. What began as a passion for standing in line for hours at the local multiplexes to catch the latest studio films on opening nights (cause that is how you did in the Dark Ages) has transpired into waiting at home for tickets to be available online for purchase. Because standing in line is for suckers.

Andrew’s earlier desires to watch mostly Chinese people punch and kick each other in the face for his own enjoyment also catered to the same wonton desires of his bestest buddy from college. After countless hours of watching movies from the Golden Age of Hong Kong cinema his bestest buddy started up the site that would eventually become Screen Anarchy. Andrew started writing for the site from day one and has been writing, reviewing and reporting on international cinema ever since. Sometimes he even gets on a train or a plane and goes to wonderful places in this World only to sit on his bum in a dark theatre and watch movies for as many hours as there are days.

For reasons beyond Andrew`s own understanding this somehow comes across to Saskatoon Fantastic director John Allison as expertise worthy of a spot on the programming team.

Dara Moats

Feature Film Programmer

Dara Jade Moats A filmmaker, writer, and graphic artist, Dara grew up in Regina and attended the film production program at U of R. Since then, her work has taken her to Nairobi and now to Montreal, with stops in between. Her own films have played in horror festivals stateside, and she has worked as an Associate Producer for the NFB and as the Director of Hospitality at Fantasia Film Fest. In addition to Saskatoon Fantastic Film Festival, she is currently the co-founder and programmer of DeuXX, a Montreal-based monthly screening series of films made by women.

Amhed Sandoval

Short Film Programmer

Filmmaker, film critic and teacher.
Film-Club Sandwich Co-Founder, independent proyect of film screening and training. He has a university education in the cities of Mexico, Puebla and Buenos Aires. He has credits in different Audiovisual projects from Advertising to Documentaries. He has collaborated in electronic journals and currently in a local newspaper in Mexico. He has worked as a college teacher and local coordinator of the National Audiovisual Network. He is currently in charge of audiovisual in a web design and digital marketing company in Saskatoon, Canada.

Becky Campbell, Glen Hauser, Micale Pellettieri, Amhed Sandoval, Alison Slowski, and Norman Zlkotkin

Pre-Screening Team

Our pre-screening team watch through all the submissions each year and help guide the programming team with finding best of the submitted films

Festival Dates

November 14-18th, 2018
Broadway Theatre