Most feature films will be shown with at least one short film. We try to match up the feature with a similar style of short film(s). Schedule and lineup is subject to change.

All screenings are restricted to 18 and over and may contain content not appropriate for all ages. Please check the feature and short Film Listings for content description

Thursday, May 3, 2012
7:00 pm Bullhead with short film Landscape Scene Drama Nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the Oscars. Crime drama about a brute of a man who becomes involved with animal steroids
9:30 pm Midnight Son with short film You Are So Undead Drama / Horror Actor – Zak Kilberg will be in attendance for a Q&A session -Realistic low key vampire drama / horror
12:00 Midnight Manborg with short films Kings of Power 4 Billion % and Billy’s Birthday Action / Comedy / Sci-Fi Throwback to 80s action video games and movies from Astron-6


Friday, May 4, 2012
7:00 pm Crawl with short film Stuffed Thriller Canadian Theatrical Premiere – Neo-Noir thriller about a hitman, waitress and an accident
9:30 pm Kill List with short film Akerbeltz: Las Brujas Y El Inquisidor Drama / Horror Two hitmen end up on a series of hits that take a turn for the worse
12:00 Midnight Blood Car with short films Familiar and My Main Squeeze Comedy / Horror When gas becomes too expensive a vegan invents a car that runs on blood


Saturday, May 5, 2012
12:30 pm Marianne with short film The Death of Ortiallia Ruiz Drama / Horror A family drama / horror about a man suffering from the loss of his wife and more
2:30 pm Some Guy Who Kills People  with short film All Men are Called Robert Black Comedy / Horror Black Comedy about a man who discovers he has a daughter, and is also murdering the bullies who sent him to the insane asylum
5:00 pm – 6:45 pm Zombie Walk Activity Dress up as a zombie and slowly shamble from the Vimy Memorial (by the Bessborough) to the Broadway Theatre.Meet up and get ready between 5pm and 6pmShambling will commence at 6pm.
7:00 pm Eddie: The Sleepwalking Cannibal with short film Zombie Chic Black Comedy / Horror Director – Boris Rodriguez will be in attendance for a Q&A session Special Advance Screening – An artist finds his muse in the dim witted Eddie who just also happens to be a sleep walking cannibal
9:30 pm The Divide with short film Blind Spot Horror Actor – Michael Eklund will be in attendance for a Q&A session – After a nuclear strike the tenants of an apartment building discover that surviving the initial blast was the least of their problems as they are locked in the basement without food.
12:00 Midnight Klovn with short films Liplock and Sink Hole Comedy An uncomfortable comedy about a man trying to prove that he will be a good father to his girlfriend


Sunday, May 6, 2012
Short films Various See some amazing short films from around the world
1:15 pm The Sandman with short films Get Off my Porch and A Senior Moment Comedy / Romance A quirky comedy romance about a man who is turning to sand
3:00 pm War of the Arrows Action Historical war action movie about a lone archer trying to rescue his friends and family from invaders
7:15 pm Symbol with short film United Colors of Bean Comedy A surreal movie about a man in his pajamas trapped in a white room and a luchador wrestler preparing for a big match
9:45 pm The Innkeepers with short film Enter the Dark Horror Ghost story about a the last night at a hotel that is about to close it’s doors permanently