Hitoshi Matsumoto, 2009, Japan, 93 min

Saskatchewan Theatrical Premiere, One Screening Only
Sunday, May 6 2012, 7:15 pm, The Broadway Theatre
$10 (Admittance restricted to persons over 18)
Film contains sequences of Mature Content
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A lone man in his pajamas wakes up in a white room with a small phallic protuberance sticking out of the wall. When he pushes on it a toothbrush falls out of a slot. Slowly more and more of the protuberance appears and the man tries to discover a way out… all the while an old luchador wrestler prepares for his match in Mexico.


“But what does it all mean?  Surprisingly, for such a very odd film, chances are you simply won’t care what it means throughout at least the first three quarters of the picture.  The execution is so clean, so engaging, so masterful that you are content to simply go along for the ride.  But when the punchline comes and the two stories intersect it becomes clear that there really is a point to it all, that Matsumoto has something significant to say.” – Twitch Film

“WTF has a new poster child and its name is Symbol.” – Eternal Sunshine of the Logical Mind

“Easily the strangest film at this years festival, it was also one of the funniest deeply delving into the absurd. I’m not usually one to draw comparisons to other films but Symbol is what would happen if you took Cube and made it into a1 person game show. Creepy and hilarious, it’s quite the unique film going experience.” – Movie Moxie

Programmer’s Opinion

SYMBOL is without a doubt one of the strangest films that we have ever programmed and it is also one of my favourite films to have programmed. SYMBOL played to audiences at the Toronto International Film Festival Midnight Madness program and was received exceptionally well. It unfortunately fell off the map here in North America quickly after. Asian films are often a hard sell with the main stream audience and providing a synopsis of SYMBOL likely doesn’t help and this is a real shame. SYMBOL contains a amazing physical performance by Hitoshi Matsumoto  who also wrote and directed the movie. SYMBOL truely does represent one of the founding ideas behind the Saskatoon Fantastic Film Festival. If you are willing to give something different a try you will find amazing discoveries from time to time. SYMBOL is one of those amazing discoveries. – John Allison

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