Some Guy Who Kills People

Jack Perez, 2011, USA, 97 min

Saskatchewan Theatrical Premiere, One Screening Only
Saturday, May 5 2012, 2:30 pm, The Broadway Theatre
$10 (Admittance restricted to persons over 18)
Film contains sequences of Graphic Violence and Foul Language
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SOME GUY WHO KILLS PEOPLE is about Ken Boyd, a lonely man fresh out of the loony bin,  who just happens to find out he has a daughter, is trying to get a girlfriend, is dealing with a disappointed mother, and who is also setting out to kill those he deems responsible for his miserable life.


“A sharp little genre-blender that somehow manages to deliver character-based comedy amidst a mild pile of carnage.” – FEARnet

“Perfectly mixes splattery goodness and hilarious character interactions… violent gore with light-hearted family moments makes for a very unique comedy that you aren’t likely to get anywhere else.” – Bloody-Disgusting

“A double scoop of gruesome delight!” – Twitch Film

Programmer’s Opinion

Who can resist a title like that! The ‘guy’ in question is none other than Kevin Corrigan (PINEAPPLE EXPRESS, FRINGE), one of those actors you know from so many fantastic smaller roles, now thankfully put in the spotlight as Ken Boyd, a mope of a man recently released from an institution after being mercilessly tormented in high school. His new life isn’t exactly stellar either, as he suffers the ridicule of his own mother (Karen Black), works a thankless job, and discovers that he has a pre-teen daughter. On the bright side, his high school bullies are being violently dispatched with gusto one by one, and he’s met a lovely girl (Lucy Davis from SHAUN OF THE DEAD) willing to take a chance on him. Executive produced by John Landis, who knows a thing or two about horror comedies, SOME GUY WHO KILLS PEOPLE is a quirky black comedy in the truest sense of the word, filled with surprisingly operatic displays of bloody carnage, and a hilarious turn by Barry Bostwick (THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW) as The Sheriff. – Steven Landry

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