Steven Kostanski, 2011, Canada, 60 min

Saskatchewan Theatrical Premiere, One Screening Only
Thursday, May 3 2012, Midnight, The Broadway Theatre
$10 (Admittance restricted to persons over 18)
Film contains sequences of Sci-fi Action Violence, and Mild Language
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The Gates of Hell have been opened and the Earth is engaged in worldwide battle with Draculon and his army. A young soldier, killed in battle, is pulled from the battlefield and rebuilt with an array of cybernetic parts and weapons. He awakens as Manborg in a future ruled by Draculon and his evil henchmen, The Baron and Shadow Mega, and teams up with a rag tag groups of freedom fighters: Kung fu fighting #1 Man, laser pistol wielding Justice and the pretty girl with the knives, Mina. Together they must fight for their lives and for the fate of the world. – Andrew Mack


“It’s one fast, violent, ultra-funny ride that revels in its own cheesiness. Like their body of work, Astron-6 doesn’t just nod to its influences; they take it one step further by injecting their own brand of goofy charm. The imagination on display is truly inspiring. If you’re feeling Z-grade movie neglect, Manborg will definitely fill that void…and then some.” – Bloody Disgusting

“If you like your science fiction action with its tongue planted in cheek, Manborg might be the way to go.  The film combines the broad, but topical humor of the ’80’s New Concorde films with the graphic sensibility of your favorite arcade games from the early ’90s and turns them into something fun.” – Twitchfilm

Programmer’s Opinion

There was a time, many, many moons ago, when you had to walk- uphill both ways- to what men of yore called ‘the video store’. There you would hand over crumpled bank notes and copper coins to rent strange blocks of plastic and magnetic tape called VHS videocassettes. You would take them home, uphill, and slide them into what became affectionately known as Top-Loaders. Exact details have been lost over the years but we believe these Top-Loaders to be massive in size, equal in mass to that of a smallish pachyderm. A glorious display of color and motion would dance across the convex screen of your Cathode Ray Tube television. The movie would end and you would have to rewind the movie and return it the next morning lest you be penalized with late fees or scorned for ignoring the ‘Be Kind, Please Rewind’ sticker on the cassette.

Why spend so much time waxing nostalgic about VHS culture? Because it is the heart and soul of Steve Kostanski’s MANBORG, his love letter to those films from his youth. Home video culture in the 80s created a torrent of low budget, direct to video, cinematic treats for our sponge-like minds on lazy, summer days. It is the same low budget fare that filled Steven’s mind with wild adventures and went on to influence his own work in the film industry. MANBORG is proof of the dream realized.

Films to watch prior

You’ll have to do some digging to find films that will get you in the mood for MANBORG.