Nina Forever

United States | 2015 | 98 mins | English
Comedy, Horror, Romance

One Screening Only
Date: Thursday October 1st, 2015
Time: 7:00 (Doors open 6:30)
The Broadway Theatre
$10 (Admittance restricted to persons over 19 as this will be a licensed event)
Film contains sequences of language, violence,  sexuality and nudity
Certifications: N/A

Director: Ben Blaine, Chris Blaine
Writers: Ben Blaine, Chris Blaine
Cast: Fiona O’Shaughnessy, Abigail Hardingham, Cian Barry
Producer: Cassandra Sigsgaard
Company: Epic Pictures

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Screens with short film: FUCK BUDDIES

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Holly loves Rob and tries to help him through his grief – even if it means contending with his dead girlfriend Nina, who comes back, bloody and broken, every time they make love.


the kind of film you might not know you needed until you see it for the first time… Nina Forever’s cast finds a rich vein of emotional honesty and they mine it for everything it’s worth. And the Blaine Brothers confidently dramatize their journey, with a sensitivity that’s usually reserved for tender awards season dramas.There’s nothing like it, really. It’s a unique exploration of horror, love and loss. It’s a sexy, funny, morbid and beautiful film for horror lovers with a heart, and romantic audiences with a dark side. Nina Forever digs up your skeletons, lays them out on the bed and dares you snuggle up. Take the offer. Trust me.” – Crave Online

An adult ghost story that improbably merges the auto-erotic fetishism of Cronenberg’s Crash (1996) and the reintegrative triangulations of Tsukamoto’s Vital (2004) into the seasonal suburbia of South London… smart, sexy filmmaking, full of surprises and a real emotional intelligence” – Vérité

“…oozes sexuality, raw emotion and utter tragedy… bends genres and blends boundaries…  twisted, bloody, cheeky fun.” – We Got This Covered

“… treads a very fine line to give a touching examination of grief. A refreshing new take on the ménage à trois, blending sex, love, and loss into something unique. Technically impressive, with a deftly handled emotional component that is surprisingly resonant… the actors repay the trust placed in them by the filmmakers. O’Shaughnessy (the amazing Jessica Hyde in Utopia) gives a rather wicked performance. Twisted and broken but still managing to show off a sultry and manipulative vibe… the standout is Hardingham, who drives the film with a dark intensity reminiscent of Ruth Wilson (Luther, The Affair).”  – Cinapse