Cop Car

United States | 2015 | 86mins | English

One Screening Only
Date: Wednesday September 30th, 2015
Time: 7:00 (Doors open 6:30)
The Broadway Theatre
$10 (Admittance restricted to persons over 19 as this will be a licensed event)
Film contains sequences of language, violence and brief drug use
Certifications: USA:R

Director: Jon Watts
Writers: Jon Watts, Christopher D. Ford
Cast: Kevin Bacon, James Freedson-Jackson, Hays Wellford, Shea Whigham, Camryn Manheim
Producer(s): Sam Bisbee, Andrew Kortschack, Cody Ryder, Alicia Van Couvering, Jon Watts
Company: Anchor Bay Entertainment

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Screens with short film: A WAY OUT and HELL’S CLUB

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When two rebellious young boys stumble across an abandoned cop car hidden in a secluded glade they decide to take it for a joyride.   When the small town sheriff (Kevin Bacon) goes looking for his missing car, the boys find themselves in the center of a deadly game of cat and mouse and the only way out is to go as fast as their cop car can take them.


  • Nominated Audience Award Edinburgh International Film Festival 2015


“Watts expertly builds the tension in the story, cutting back and forth between the escalating escapades of the boys and the downhill slide of the sheriff.” – IGN Movies

“… Cop Car is a serious joy to watch. Watts has put together a real triumph of nostalgia. It’s a cult classic that doesn’t just feel like it is trying to be one. But past all that, Cop Car is just a damn awesome movie.” – Twitch Film

“A lean, mean bit of B-movie fun that satisfies the youthful urge to act out — and then some — while putting its child characters in unconscionable danger.” – Variety

“Cop Car blatantly shouts out its influences, from the 80’s action plot to the shots of the empty highways reminiscent of 70’s cinema. The kids could have been transplants from the Amblin Entertainment universe, though they are far more mischievous (and more potty-mouthed) than Spielberg’s company would have allowed. And Bacon’s sinister cop has elements of everything from shady, corrupted noir figures to the casual, folksy friendliness of Andy Griffith’s Sheriff Taylor of Mayberry.”  –