Aachi & Ssipak

South Korea | 2006 | 90 mins | Korean w/ subtitles
Animation, Action, Comedy

One Screening Only
Date: Thursday October 1st, 2015
Time: Midnight (Doors open: 11:30)
The Broadway Theatre
$10 (Admittance restricted to persons over 19 as this will be a licensed event)
Film contains sequences of language, graphic animated violence, animated nudity and drug use.
Certifications: USA:R

Director: Jo Beom-jin
Writers: Jo Beom-jin, Yeon-won Jeong
Cast: Ryu Seung-bum (Voice) Yim Chang-jeong (Voice) Hyun Young (Voice) Shin Hae-chul (Voice) Lee Gyu-hwa (Voice)
Producer: Kim Sun-ku
Company: 9ers Entertainment

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Screens with short film: CROW HAND and SHARKASAURUS

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In a future where energy is made from fecal matter, the government rewards defecation with “juicybars”. Small-time hustlers try to get rich while fending off the mutated Diaper Gang.


  • 3rd Place Austin Fantastic Fest 2007
  • Best Animated Feature Sitges – Catalonian International Film Festival 2007


“I’m trying to think of something bad to say about Aachi & Ssipak, but I honestly can’t think of anything negative to say about it. I’m going to have to give it top marks. It’s funny, has plenty of toilet humour, full of action, blood, and gore, doesn’t even try and take its self seriously, and is totally over the top.” – Midnight Showing

“Aachi and Ssipak is a delightfully wicked piece of animation. It’s full of fun, and politically incorrect, full of high octane action, and set against a nonsensical background in the future. It’s rude, vulgar, and totally unapologetic about it.” – A Nutshell Review

“Poop, transvestites, people being executed for stuffing things in their anus, piss takes of Julie Strain, Robocop, Aliens and the ‘big three’ from DC, drug addiction and much, much more weirdness… Aachi and Ssipak pretty much well has everything you didn’t realize you wanted to see in an anime.” – Digital Retribution