A Hard Day

South Korea | 2014 | 111 mins | Korean w/ subtitles
Action, Crime, Thriller

One Screening Only
Date: Friday October 2nd, 2015
Time: 6:00 (Doors open 5:30)
The Broadway Theatre
$10 (Admittance restricted to persons over 19 as this will be a licensed event)
Film contains sequences of language, violence and brief drug use
Certifications: USA:R

Director: Seong-hoon Kim
Writers: Seong-hoon Kim
Cast: Sun-kyun Lee, Jin-woong Cho
Producer(s): Dong-Yoon Lee, Ji-Hyun Cha, Billy Acumen
Company: Video Services Corp

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On the way back from his mother’s funeral, special crimes detective Gun-su gets into an accident, killing a man instantly. In order to cover up his crime, he hides the body inside his mother’s coffin, with her inside. A few days later, Gun-su’s crime pops up on the police database and his partner is heading up the case. Gun-su feels distressed as his partner slowly uncovers more details of the accident. To make things worse, a witness to the accident approaches Gun-su by threatening his life.


  • Nominated Best Film and Best Director Blue Dragon Awards 2014
  • Won Best Director Grand Bell Awards 2014


“A kinetically visceral, enjoyable nasty joy ride, “A Hard Day” is pretty much as advertised.” – The New York Times

“… it stands as one of the best pieces of genre filmmaking to emerge from Korea in half a decade.” – Twitch Film

“You’ll be glad that A Hard Day isn’t happening to you, but you won’t regret observing it all from a safe distance. ” – Washington Post

“A Hard Day offers a masterclass in throat-squeezing, stomach-knotting suspense.”  – The Hollywood Reporter