Lady Terminator

Indonesia | 1989 | 131 mins | English
Crime | Thriller

One Screening Only
Date: Friday Sepember 26th, 2014
Time: Midnight
The Broadway Theatre
$10 (Admittance restricted to persons over 19 as this will be a licensed event)
Film contains sequences of gratuitous violence, language,  sexuality and nudity.
Certifications:    USA:R / West Germany:18 (BPjM restricted)

Director: H. Tjut Djalil (as Jalil Jackson)
Screenplay: Karr Kruinowz
Cast: Barbara Anne Constable, Christopher J. Hart and Claudia Angelique Rademaker
Producer: Raam Soraya

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Screens with short films: THE PARK and SURVIVAL SUMMER SCHOOL

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In 1889, the vicious “Queen of the South Sea” collects men that she murders during sex, thanks to a magical eel that lives inside of her vagina and bites the penises off of those who can’t satisfy her lust. Finally, one man pleasures her long enough to reach inside and pull out the creature, which instantly turns into a dagger. Furious, the Queen vows that she’ll take her revenge on the man’s great-granddaughter, and goes into the sea to wait for one hundred years. A century passes, and Tania, a plucky anthropologist, finds an ancient book on the legend of the Queen and decides to investigate. She charters a boat to take her to the area where the Queen is believed to have disappeared, but while skindiving, a tidal wave destroys the vessel and Tania suddenly finds herself tied to a bed in a mysterious room. When a mystical eel enters her, she is possessed by the spirit of the bloodthirsty Queen. After killing a pair of drunken punks in a lascivious manner, she sees the image of Erika, a pop singer, on television and recognizes her as the descendant of the man the Queen vowed revenge on a century before. Armed with machine guns and impervious to bullets, the female assassin starts cutting a bloody swath through the city in an attempt to murder Erika, taking out scores of innocent bystanders, policemen and soldiers on her way. Erika’s only hope is to recover the magic dagger that her great-grandfather has bequeathed to her for just this sort of emergency.


“It’s the kind of movie best randomly discovered on cable at 4 AM, but if you dig guys with mullets, director H. Tjut Djalil has some serious treats in store for you.” – Chicago Reader

Lady Terminator is a bad movie fan’s dream come true. Gratuitous nudity, penile dismemberment, cyborg hotties all in the same poorly dubbed film? Count me in.” – Rock Shop Pop

“I suppose I’m just wired to find endless enjoyment in a movie like this” – Film School Rejects

“Lady Terminator is such a bizarre mixture of legend and rip-off that it’s impossible not to watch.”  – Movies about Girls

Programmer’s Opinion

Lady Terminator is not a movie one can casually describe. It’s chock-full of sex, violence, snakes, lasers, black magic, bad dubbing and so much more! Indonesia, in the 80s, was infamous for ripping off Western blockbusters and completely flipping them on their heads. For instance, the Rambo films became Rambu: The Intruder and included a red rubber ball as a deadly weapon. And James Cameron’s 1984 sci-fi/action classic was also no exception to being riffed on, resulting in 1989’s Lady Terminator, directed by H. Tjut Djalil, who was also responsible for the equally insane Mystics in Bali (which features a severed head flying around biting people, with all its organs still somehow intact dangling from its neck!). Lady Terminator mashes up the action-set-pieces of The Terminator with the Indonesian legend of the South Seas Queen, telling the tale of an American anthropological student who becomes possessed by the evil spirit of South Seas Queen after she takes a dip in the ocean. Then she’s a killer cyborg with a severe blood lust! And those unfamiliar with the mythos involved in that legend, basically it’s about a demon queen whose sexual appetites cannot be quenched, so she just kills off all her potential lovers. Don’t even try to comprehend this mash-up of American Terminator action with Indonesian superstition, it’s likely to make your head explode. Pretty much the only thing that’s missing is the Mystery Science 3000 gang. So just mix together a cinematic cocktail of blood, bullets, and a bodacious killer cyborg babe and you have the absolute bonkers experience that is Lady Terminator! Do not miss this cult-classic midnight flick that will have you, the audience, howling in disbelief through its entire run time! – Tyler Baptist