Bushido Man

Japan / 2013 / 88 mins / Japanese w/ English subtitles
Action / Martial Arts

bushido_man_01One Screening Only
Date: Friday September 27th, 2013
Time: 9:30pm
The Broadway Theatre
$10 (Admittance restricted to persons over 18)
Film contains sequences of Violence and Comedic Gore

Director: Takanori Tsujimoto
Screenplay: Takanori Tsujimoto
Cast: Mitsuki Koga, Yoshiyuki Yamaguchi, Miki Mizuno, Masanori Mimoto, Kazuki Tsujimoto
Producer(s): Yohei Haraguchi, Miku Kikuchi
Company: The Klockworx Co. Ltd.

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Toramaru, lord of integrated martial arts Mugen-ga-ryu, ends his training journey and visits his master, Gensai. “You have to duel with every martial arts master and win, in order to obtain their esoteric books of martial secrets.” Receiving such an order from Gensai, Toramaru makes a pilgrimage around Japan and spends a year fighting. Through his fights with genuine masters in every martial arts such as kung-fu, stick fighting, sword fighting, and nunchaku, this film passionately tells what “Budo” is and what Bushido is. Full of fierce and diverse action! The original fighting movie is finally born here!


“If any other movie during Fantasia had ‘genuine crowd pleaser’ written all over it, then BUSHIDO MAN just waltzed over, ripped it off like a swathe of duct tape, slapped it on its own bare chest, and dared anyone else to come over and try to take it off!”Twitch Film

“BUSHIDO MAN Is A Near Flawless Action Comedy” BadAss Digest

“BUSHIDO MAN is jam packed with action, and the fight sequences are un-freaking-believable. I genuinely cannot speak more highly of the fight choreography; it’s that impressive.”- Icons of Fright

Programmer’s Opinion

BUSHIDO MAN is a fresh entry into fighting action films. Remove all the gloss and fancy lighting. Ignore superfluous camera angles and etiquette. Just grab a camera, a couple of stunt fighters, find a big area for them to play in, and film them punching each other in the face. Now, if you and I were to do that it would likely look like crap and we would end up really hurting each other. But in the hands of director Takanori Tsujimoto, his star Mitsuki Koga, and action choreographer Kensuke Sonomura this translates into action bliss. Bushido Man is raw and energetic do-it-ourselves action cinema made by guys who were tired of the conventional action cinema scene. It was also made by guys who know what they are doing so every action scene in this film is fast, hard and still manages to introduce new tricks. Take a moment between each of the seven – Count ‘em! Seven!- fight scenes to throw in genuinely funny comedy and oh so tasty food and we doubt you will leave Bushido Man unsatisfied and only hungry for more. – Andrew Mack

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